Metal Gasket Ring Polishing Machine

Manufacturer & Exporter:Cixi Heroos Sealing Materials Co.,Ltd.
Metal Gasket Ring Polishing Machine
  • Place of Origin: CHINA
  • Machine model: HEROOS-M207AS
  • Voltage: 380 V / 220 V
  • Dimension: 105x 70 x105cm
  • Total Weight: 230KG

  • Metal Gasket Ring Polishing Machine

       Metal ring polishing machine  

       metal winding gasket ring polishing machine  


    Product Name: Metal Ring polishing machine

    M207AS in the disc ring process for polishing, burr and scratch the surface of the metal ring with a diameter of 150 mm or more. the roller device adopts pneumatic pressure, large adjustment range, simple operation. With dust removal device, reduce pollution,improve working environment.


    Net weight230KG
    Scope of application≥150
    length * width * height105x 70 x105cm


    metal ring polishing machine for metal disc machine, in the wheel ring after welding, grinding and polishing of the solder joints;

    Metal ring polishing machine can also be used to polish the surface of the metal ring;

    the equipment for semi-automatic equipment, with high efficiency.

    metal ring polishing machine

    ★、 the installation:

    Fan motor, mounted on the carriage remove pole, hand wheel handle, the machine is smooth, pay attention to space when processing large ring.

    ★、 test run:

    the power of this machine is a three-phase 380V, wiring should choose "Shun" for the work of state.

    switch on the power, operating the cylinder valve, check the passive roller block operation is flexible, should pay attention to, sundries and lubricating slider.

    ★、preparation before start:

    as the ring to adjust the size of the passive wheel spacing distance apart,small ring contraction.

    the adjustment ring bearing position, let the ring completely supported.

    ★、operation steps:

    the metal ring into the groove of the driving wheel, operating pneumatic valve, so that the metal ring inside and outside edge entirely smothered.

    the operation switch to "Shun" position, start the machine polishing. Using the hand wheel on the polishing force adjusted.

    when the metal ring is wide, the lateral movement of polishing wheel. Throw good side to stop operation, pneumatic valve, remove the double face processing, complete the operation process.

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