Kammprofile Gasket Machine

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Kammprofile Machine

Kammprofile Gasket Machine



It is a specially designed horizontal machines,  280MM of tooth gasket Corrugated gasket is suitable for processing. It has a simple process, processing speed, do not need any mold, processing and product surfacebalance, etc. . It appears, to bid farewell to the history of the large size gasket required oversize equipmentprocessing. After years of practice and to improve its performance has been a leap in the upgrade:
A variable frequency speed control, spindle motor and feed motor.
The latest design of the cutter.
3 a key to start and stop function. (Repeat the processing of advance and retreat knife, tool, cutter)

Select the configuration:
1.A randomly attached to a cutter, can be selected.
2.Along the turret of the alloy cutter 1.5MM or 1.0MM tooth milling cutter set of optional.
3.63 * 4 R4 alloy wave tooth cutter a set of optional.

The three above cutter selection to high-speed steel, need to order.

Gasket thickness 3 -- 4mm
Gasket width 10--50mm
Maximum gasket OD 4000mm
Minimum gasket ID 280mm
type of tooth 1.5mm or 1.0mm pitch tooth, or wave tooth
Total power 4kw
Spindle motor power 1.5kw
Spindle speed 0--1200 rpm
Feed motor power 0.4kw
Feed linear speed 0--20mm/s
Frequency Converter 2.2G 0.4G
Power supply voltage 380V/220V, 3phases, for option
Air compressor 0.6—0.8 MPA
Machine measurement 800*1000*1360mm
Machine net weight 500kg


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