Gasket Cutter with Double Knives

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Gasket Cutter with Double Knives  

gasket cutting machine

It is a desktop machine, high-speed reciprocating motion of the two blades cut inner and outer diameter of the gasket. The diameter is 50MM - 3000MM. the gasket have neat edge, correct size. Itis easy to cut thick gasket in many materials such as  Fibers, rubber, PTFE, graphite reinforcedsheet etc. no need change if you make same size gaskets.

Select the configuration:
      1.with a set of blade, lifetime more than one year.
      2. more blades are available on request

Technical parameters

Model HEROOS-M202
Cut gasket thickness Non-metallic  5mm metal ≤ 0.4 mm
Maximum gasket diameter 3000mm
Minimum gasket diameter 50mm
Total Power 2.2kw
Motor Power 1.5kw
Voltage 380V/220V
Dimension 105*50*185mm


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