Large Winding Machine (horizontal)

  • Type:    HEROOS-M351
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Large Spiral Wound Gasket Machine (horizontal)

Product Name: Large Winding Machine(horizontal)

Type: HEROOS-M351

Description: This machine is used for processing the spiral wound gasket windingΦ250—Φ2500, simple operation. The transmission system adopts amaintenance free design.Pressure roller pressing device adopts pneumatic,speed by frequency conversion stepless speed change,convenient adjustment. HEROOS-M351B is Automatic spot welding

The basic parameters:

voltage:~ 380V

Power: 0.4KW

Net weight: 300KG

Scope of application: Φ250—Φ2500

length * width * height:140x 75 x125

real scene shooting of the machines in workshop:

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