M351 Large Winder for spiral wound gasket instruction

M351 Large Winder for spiral wound gasket instruction



  • As this machine is big, the host should be horizontal, and the stainlesssteel plate should be horizontal at the same height.

Trial operation

  • The power supply for three-phase 380V,using frequency conversion stepless speed regulation. Connect air source,operate the top wheel and roll wheel action button A. B. (A Control the roll, B control the top wheel),check if it is flexible.

the prepare before starting.

  • 1, confirm the metal ring, steel strip, graphite are in line with the requirements of the winding pad (including specifications, material, quality).

  •  2, confirm the core crown, conformity to product requirements.

Operation steps:

  • 1 put the ring into the core,between the top wheel.operation the manual vavle A,the roll wheel pressing. Then operating manual vavle B,the top wheel push the metal ring.operating the foot button,making the metal ring turing up. Make sure the metal ring is flat and smooth,put the guide wheel at the inner ring then tighten it.

  • 2、Pull out the forming steel strip,welding the strip at the metal ring,the metal ring and the strip should not have a serious deviation. The strip should be welded three or four circles, then welded firmly.

  •  3、pull out the graphite tape,into wound. Wound to the require size.

  •  4、cut the graphite tape,then wound the forming steel strip,to the required size. Cut the strip,then weld firmly.operation finished.


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