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Huge demand for rubber seals automotive industry

2014/11/3      view:
    As we all know, the rapid development of China's automobile industry, creating a high-performance rubber seals huge market; automobiles, engineering machinery, imported equipment and other maintenance markets also have the same great potential. However, the market did not hold up bimodal golden sun, faced with double-sided pressure, cracks survive and not with the peak national industry projections on some sites often see this phenomenon, a number of construction machinery seal failure due to machine, full things often happen to the toilet; and in the streets, many following a motor vehicle is dirty oil. Compared with similar foreign products, such things often make people ashamed landless. 

   The gap is not just so, foreign companies is the high efficiency of a few times. Production of rubber seals internationally renowned enterprises Parker - Hannifin company employees only 90 people, but up to $ 10 million in annual sales. Most of China's thousands of businesses with annual sales of less than one hundred million yuan. From the scale, 佛罗伊登贝克 is a 150-year-old family business in the world with 82 manufacturing plants, 93 sales companies, the Group employs 28,479 people, in 2004 the output value of 4 billion euros, of which Seals 1 billion euros. From the technical point of view, being produced abroad seal leakage is equipped with a sensor to test a new seal; at the same time, U-shaped rubber parts + V-springs; and integrated spindle friction seals and labyrinth seals advantage of pneumatic seal has come out 45MPa pressure of the hydraulic system can be used to pan plug seal and other types of combinations of seals popular. These sophisticated seal products accounted for almost large segments of the high-end market. 

   In contrast, due to backward technology, made efforts to seal products only points in the low-end market share. Moreover, the faltering national enterprises also caught survival. On the one hand, foreign large-scale attack in the domestic market, the suppression of ethnic businesses were very serious; on the other hand, foreign-funded joint use of the host advantage, setting barriers to boycott the company's products to enter the nation, to disrupt the development of China's national industry.