automatic TIG welding Machine operating instructions

Automatic Metal Ring Joint Welding Machine operating instructions

automatic TIG welding Machine operating instructions

1, the machine placed a smooth, connected to the power (AC-220V), drive power and welding power, please separate the connection, welding 20A circuit breaker, drive 10A circuit breaker.

2, connected to the gas source, the foot switch is pressed cylinder control components, step down under pressure, once again under the open.

3, the factory has been fully commissioned for the factory, the user should not change its parameters and electric circuit within the box, only need to change the welding length can meet the welding requirements.

4, the wire into: the [automatic / manual] button to the manual state, the left hand holding the wire into the pressure wheel, right hand press [wire down], wire through the pressure wheel, through the guide wheel, Guide tube, wire head exposed tube about 7-8mm.

5, the parameters of the adjustment range:

A, move to welding distance: Please try to keep the original parameters.

B, before welding wire down distance: 12-13mm between.

C, welding length: according to the actual welding length appropriate addition and subtraction.

D, when finished welding wire speed: 4800-5000 between the adjustment.

E, when finished welding wire length: 12-13mm between.

F, welding wire moving speed: 3200 or so, according to the diameter of the wire diameter for the corresponding adjustments.

G, welding the workpiece is completed according to the size of the end of the gap to determine the number of welding.