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the 21th China Chengdu International seal Industry Fair in 2015

2014/11/1      view:

                                       the 21th China Chengdu International seal Industry Fair in 2015

The exhibition date 2015-06-18 to 2015-06-20

Exhibition City Chengdu City

Display address Chengdu Century City New InternationalConvention and Exhibition Center

Pavilion name Chengdu Century City New InternationalConvention and Exhibition Center

The organizer Chinese Council for the promotion of international trade Chinese Machinery Industry Federation of Euro Asia Economic Forum in Xi'an City People's Government in Chengdu City in Shaanxi province people's government to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry leading group of Sichuan Province, the leading group of major technical equipment

The undertaking unit of Shaanxi Province Machinery Industry Association Sichuan Provincial Machinery Industry Association Xi'an city industry and Information Committee ofXi'an City Exhibition Industry Development Office ChinaInternational Trade Promotion Committee Chengdu ChengduCity, Sichuan Province branch of major technical equipmentExpo Bureau the leading group

The exhibition shows

Chinese Western International Equipment Manufacturing Expo (hereinafter referred to as the cwieme) is approved by the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China, by Chinese Machinery Industry Federation, Chinese Council for the promotion of international trade, Xi'an Municipal People's government,Chengdu municipal government co sponsored, industry exhibition equipment international western the biggestmanufacturing year two in the first half, the second half of the year in Xi'an in Chengdu held, is a set of product display,trade order, academic discussions, negotiations on investment and technological cooperation as one of theindustry meeting.

"The small seal, role". The development of modern manufacturing industry, the seal industry will play an irreplaceable role. "2015 China International sealing industrytechnology exhibition" as the cwieme largest exhibition one of the main display plate, sealing industry's new products,application technology and production process.

Held in the process, the cwieme got the support of relevantgovernment departments, industry and authority, then the government of Shaanxi province deputy governor Wu Dengchang served as director of the Organizing Committee(Xi'an); vice secretary of Chengdu municipal Party committee, mayor Ge Honglin served as director of the Organizing Committee (Chengdu); Vice President of China Machinery Industry Federation a number that will guide thework; China the former Minister of machinery industry and the Ministry of Machinery Industry Federation, honorary chairman He Guangyuan as the cwieme honorary director,for the General Assembly will name inscribed the inscription "western development and revitalization of the Northeast fairis"; the China Machinery Industry Federation of National Committee of the CPPCC Standing Committee, honorary president of the original Yu Zhen served as honorary director of general assembly for the inscription "to run the westernsystem fair, promote the development of the manufacturing industry of China machinery industry"; former vice minister,Ministry of Machinery Industry Association Special Adviser Liu Yansun general assembly for the inscription "western development needs to adapt to the development of Westernequipment, the cwieme provides exchanges, promote the platform". So far, the cwieme total exhibition area of 1000000square meters, the cumulative audience of more than 80.34 people, the cumulative turnover reached hundreds of billion yuan.

[exhibition scope]

* static seal, dynamic seal and seal

PTFE seal, sealing washers, mechanical seal, the bellows seal, nuclear (non nuclear) level seals, hydraulic seals,sealing ring, valve, bearing, silicon carbide, bushings,gasket, metallic ring gasket, alloy ring, ladder ring, Bauerring, a static ring seat, a moving ring seat, valve oil seal, ironoil seal, rubber seal, rubber seal, rubber seal ring, U - ring, Y - ring, O - ring, combination washer, rubber diaphragms,rubber plate, nylon plate, nylon rods, rubber seal, rubber seals, metal seal, flexible graphite sealing, packing static sealing, all kinds of hydraulic engineering with seals and rubber parts, V type oil seal, rubber sundries, lip seal,combined gasket compression seal, seal, valve guide sealreciprocating motion, elastic graphite seal, elastic graphite sheet and other sealing element.

Seal: seal, hydraulic pneumatic seals, power transmissionsealing, rotating seal, magnetic fluid seal, floating oil seal,mechanical seal, skeleton oil seal, fluid seal, compressor seal seal, seal, pump, chemical reactor sealed and pump for locomotive (valve) pipeline sealing, ceramic seals, bellows seal and a spring sealing etc.

* sealing material

Packing, metal winding gasket, non asbestos gasket,asbestos gasket, dentiform gasket, graphite compositegasket, cushion, cushion, conical waveform oval gasket,flexible graphite sheet, carbon and graphite, graphite gasket,asbestos rope, asbestos cloth, oil sheet, pipe, bar, filling modification four fluorine, non asbestos rubber sheet board,asbestos rubber sheet, high strength graphite plates and other sealing materials

By sealing the production of raw materials

Graphite, rubber, Ding Jing, fluorine rubber, silicone, resin,POM, oil resistant rubber, PVC and other sealing materials

Processing equipment. The seal

Sealing test / measurement equipment, special productiondevice, relating to seal rotary seal (rotary shaft seal), sealdevice and auxiliary equipment etc..