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Ding shares acquired leading German seals KACO

2014/5/16      view:
   KACO German company founded in 1914, is a world renowned research and development of special rubber seals manufacturer, its main products for the automotive and mechanical engineering industries precision seals, is a leader in sealing technology, with a number of revolutionary patented product sales area in more than 40 countries and regions.Its existing six factories were located in Germany, Austria, Hungary and China, and the establishment of three technical service offices in France, England and Japan. 
   Germany KACO as Volkswagen, Chrysler, Ford, Porsche, Audi, BMW, Bugatti, China FAW, Daimler, GM, Tesla, Volvo, Bosch, Borg Warner, ZF and other world-renowned manufacturers supporting, is the world's The most important high-end manufacturers recognized seals (including electric vehicles and new energy automotive) leading supplier of products, currently has more than 200 of the world's major automobile manufacturers mass awarded prizes and certificates. 2013 year, the company's operating income 136.98 million euros, net profit of 7.02 million euros. 
Ding shares the view that the German KACO has a world-leading sealing products technical processes and important customer resources in the field of special rubber seals, acquired the German KACO will significantly enhance the quality and productivity of the company's products significantly enhance the company's research and innovation capacity; there help the company product technology upgrades, and product structure adjustment, expanding product areas; thus enhance the company's profitability and economic efficiency; combined with the company's own advantages, and actively expand the company's product offerings in the field, forming a modular production, supply capacity; and timely delivery to meet the needs of host companies to achieve profit maximization. 
   The company will make full use of advanced production technology and KACO brand, leveraging the company's strong technical basis for the introduction of technology absorption and innovation, the push into high-end domestic seal products in the field, after the completion of the acquisition, the company will gradually break down foreign manufacturers automobile and construction machinery long-term monopoly of high-end sealing products market, and gradually replace exports, expand exports. 
   With the global vehicle development to continuous improvement in the direction of electric cars, hybrid cars, engines and transmissions miniaturization, energy-saving vehicles represent the future trend of industrial development, with the continuous increase policy, new energy vehicle technology will continue to improve on the high-end seals (seal) have become increasingly demanding, while Germany KACO world leader in this field with the development of technology and manufacturing processes, this acquisition will change the rubber seals of high-tech products industry is relatively backward conditions, promote the transformation and upgrading company and promote the development of high-end seals industry have a positive and profound impact.