Matters needing attention and keep using the O type ring

1) O type ring into the groove, pay attention not to O ring twist;

2) O type ring does not generally reusable;

3) O type ring during installation, can consider sealing mediumin the grooves and the O ring is coated with;

4) O ring under the condition of no use and try not to open theO ring the original packaging, in order to avoid O ring is attached with dust or mixed with foreign body may cause O ring injury;

5) O type circle should avoid tying hanging in the needle or metal line in order to avoid O ring deformation and lip injury;

6) O type circle should avoid direct sunlight or placed near theheat source boiler so as not to promote O type ring aging;

7) in need of special note is: O ring in the custody of the occasional discoloration, surface O ring produced pigment,adverse effects on the situation will not O ring function.