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Guangzhou Research Institute of seals made in China has been a major breakthrough

2012/8/1      view:


     In recent years, China's equipment manufacturing industryhas a certain development, but still lag sealing technologyhas become the key factor in restricting the host industry technology progress, which affect the sustainabledevelopment of our national economy.

Import substitution is an important step

Recently, Guangzhou Machinery Research Institute president Huang Xing told reporters: "borne by our hospital 'eleven five'state supported program -- high performance seals keytechnology research has passed the acceptance, the project is based on the key construction project and projectapplication, to obtain the user's approval."

In 2006, Anyang iron and steel medium plate plant of Limited by Share Ltd and Guangzhou Machinery Research Institutecompleted the AGC cylinder seal kit localization technology agreement. Medium plate plant of Angang AGC cylinderdiameter of 1400mm is large servo cylinder, cleanliness requirements of NAS6 or above. Previously, seal the plant is using the German HUNGER company to import the GD1000Kseals series, more than 6 months average order cycle, price,service can not keep up.

    Guangzhou Machinery Research Institute in 2006 Decemberbegan to be sealed, and start the installation. During the period, the delegate of engineering and technical personnelto the client site installation and tracking trial. After the trial of nearly two years, can fully meet the technical requirements of the drawings, and no leakage phenomenon. Then, in 2008,Angang again to the ordered set of seals, so far, the use of good.

Anyang Steel Medium Plate Plant wrote in its localization using report: 1400mmAGC cylinder seal kit localization is very successful, the order of short period (three months), the service life of up to two years, the cost is greatly reduced,warm and considerate service.

Not only that, seals and Guangzhou Machinery Research Institute has also obtained the Yangtze Power, Dongfang Electrical machinery and other key enterprises recognizedbear. All this stems from Huang Xing's topic.

In 2007 May, the thesis in the expert group, China Machinery Industry Federation Organization, Ministry of science and technology project officially approved by the GuangzhouResearch Academy of machinery science organizations."Eleven five" National Science and technology support program "key basic parts and universal parts" key project in the "high performance seals key technology research".

The project total investment 30000000 yuan, the four fields are for large turbine generator set, large fully mechanized coal mining equipment, metallurgical equipment, majornuclear power equipment to carry out high performancepieces of key technology research, development of high reliability sealing sealing products, realize the important equipment key basic parts localization, and relying onnational key construction projects and project demonstrationapplication. According to the research direction to set up"major project of large turbine generator seal key technology research", "coal mine hydraulic support high performanceseals the key technology research", "major metallurgical equipment AGC cylinder seals the key technology research"and "high performance nuclear power plant cooling agentpump mechanical seal technology research and development" four sub topics.

     Guangzhou Machinery Institute of science and technology is the main undertaker of this topic, Hefei General Machinery Research Institute, Guangzhou bolite hydraulic sealing Co. Ltd. as the research subject participation units, in the implementation of relevant content.

It is reported, the research on this topic by the professor level senior engineer, special allowance from the State Councilexpert Huang Xing presided over the implementation of task group, including two academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, the key researchers more than 20 senior titleswith rich research experience and a number of related topolymer materials, chemical, mechanical, mathematical and other professional scientific and technical personnel, the formation of a be worthy of the name has excellentcomprehensive scientific research ability of the old, greencascade development team.

At the same time, the research adopts the combination mode of unit commitment and Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, South China University of Technology and other colleges and universities, to actively expand exchanges and cooperation, give full play to their respective advantages, realize the complementary advantages.

Three years of research breakthroughs in key technologies

"Country led, research institutions together, user support units to create the conditions for the import substitution."Huang Xing said, "after 3 years of technological research, the research group of major equipment sealing material,structure, processing technology and other key, common technology of innovative research, made a lot ofachievements in scientific research."

For example, task force through the independent property rights turning type polyurethane semi-finished pipe castingtechnology and large no mold sealing results of the keytechnology circle turning processing technology, and its application in the key of large hydro generator sealing the development and production of elements, the first in the domestic development of large ball valve, blade and relayhydropower unit dedicated, large, construction, precision rubber seal products.

User acceptance is the only standard for test results. Theresearch of the comprehensive performance and service life of the products in the domestic leading level, and relying on major domestic projects and key enterprises installed trial,such as the Three Gorges project, the Gezhouba Damproject, China Yangtze Power Limited by Share Ltd, Orientalmotor Limited by Share Ltd, has been supporting, has achieved remarkable economic and social benefits.

     The extreme conditions of coal mine hydraulic support column and jack of hydraulic cylinder, the team also developed a high elasticity, low voltage rubber elastomer material withtechnology, and the application of turning type polyurethanesemi-finished pipe casting technology and large no moldsealing ring turning processing technology and other advanced achievements, developed with high reliability seal products of large coal mine fully mechanized hydraulic support. Product by Beijing coal mining machinery factory and Central Laboratory of Zhengzhou Coal Machinery Grouplaboratory testing, excellent comprehensive performance, can completely replace similar imported products.

At present, the subject results successfully realized industrialization, related products have been successfully for the Zhengzhou Coal Mine Machinery Group Limited by Share Ltd, Zhengzhou Siwei Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co Ltd, Shanxi Pingyang Heavy IndustryMachinery Co., Ltd., Shandong Coal Machinery Co. Ltd.,Pingdingshan Coal Mine Machinery Co., Ltd. and other national key mining equipment group supporting services, in a certain extent to speed up the localization process ofhydraulic support in coal mine, but also promoted the rapiddevelopment of manufacturing equipment for coal industry.


     Metallurgical industry has play a decisive role in the development of the national economy, and its healthy development is a major issue related to the beneficial to the people's livelihood. Low friction coefficient, group applicationindependent development of high wear resistant PTFEmaterial modification technique, rubber and rate control technique and amorphous product shrinkage after sealingtreatment process developed by key sealing products of high quality and high performance of metallurgical equipment, and the product structure is optimized by finite element analysis method, using self-developed simulation test the bench on the product performance tracking, control, ensure the comprehensive performance, the service life of the productand reliability. At present, the Related Metallurgical sealproducts have successfully provided to Baosteel, Anshan Iron and steel, Maanshan Iron and steel, steel, steel, steel andbead state key metallurgical enterprises machine supporting the use of. "Guangyan seals" has become the first brandChina Metallurgical equipment sealing localization elements.

In order to remove the sealing technology in western countries on China's blockade at the nuclear main pump,improve the self supporting ability of domestic nuclear power equipment, nuclear power research group and the establishment of the mechanical model of high performanceof reactor coolant pump mechanical seal, developed with independent intellectual property rights of the high performance of reactor coolant pump mechanical sealtechnology and carried out the research, design, auxiliary sealing finally, research group successfully developed the nuclear main pump seal test device and system for machine to test nuclear main pump sealing performance to achieve a major breakthrough in the field of nuclear power, selfinnovation and the key technology.

Huang Xing expresses to the reporter, in the joint efforts ofthe Ministry of science and technology, Machinery Industry Federation and the strong support of the completed units at all levels of leadership and staff, "high performance seals" key technologies research group successfully completed the mission target, the successful implementation of the projectnot only set up R & D and production and processingtechnology route for the hydropower, coal, metallurgy,nuclear power and other industry related equipment with low cost, high performance sealing products, made of high quality for major equipment supporting major projects and key enterprises, improve market competitiveness and influence ofthe sealing elements, promote the domestic sealing technology progress, also marks the sealing element in majoradvanced mechanical equipment key major breakthrough.

      In addition, the group attaches great importance to IPRstrategy and standardization, implementation period for all 17 patents, including 7 invention patents; domestic and foreignpublished 23 academic papers; establishing 3 enterprisestandard 4 internal process specification file.