Optional sealing material forming filler

The so-called molding packing , refers to the use of rubber , plastics, leather and metal material by molding or forming an annular ring turning , which is what we are now used to the ring to O -ring , Y -ring , U- , J -type see more . Where a simple O -ring structure, light weight , has a bi-directional sealing capability , good sealing performance , high pressure range , widely used in dynamic sealing of hydraulic , pneumatic and vacuum devices.

Molded packing material selection

Typically we use U -shaped Teflon seals, PTFE gasket material because there is a very low coefficient of friction , good self-lubricating , water resistance , aging resistance and good processability characteristics . Because of the wear resistance is not high , poor rigidity , flexibility of small, easily flip lip and other shortcomings , the use of copper to overcome the inadequacies of the pressure ring PTFE place, and the U-shaped ring of elastic distribution more uniform .

Packing device for improved sealing performance and meet the requirements of large-scale two-way rotary vacuum positive pressure through the spindle . Using elastic rubber core packing shaft seal structure as a new packing sealing materials , with excellent sealing performance over a wide pressure range , the structure has a low friction, low leakage rates , pollution characteristics of good self-lubricating properties, sealing effect lasting and reliable.