Operating Instructions for Outer Ring Grooving Machine

Ring Bending Machine.jpg

the basic parameters:

1, the voltage: ~ 380V + N

2, power: 0.75KW

3, the scope of application: This machine is used for Φ150 above the outer ring at 90 ° milling slot machining. Pressure roller device adopts pneumatic control, the adjustment range of pressure is big, the operation is simple. Infinitely variable speed infeed to adapt to the processing needs of different materials.

The machine consists of: ring compression device, ring drive, cooling device, electrical system components.

the steps:

The workpiece into the active pressure roller between,(According to the ring cover to adjust the location of the work support) operating(Press / release) button,Pressing the workpiece, operation(Start) button, start the host (Make sure that the rotation direction of the spindle is the cutting direction). Operation (down) button, cutting the spindle down, adjust the outer ring slotted qualified position, according to the actual situation to adjust the amount of feed, so go week, operation (rise) button, up about 10-15mm is appropriate,Operation (stop) button, stop the host, the operation (compression / relaxation) button, remove the workpiece, complete the entire operation process.