Kammprofile Gasket Making Machines operating instructions

Kammprofile Gasket Making Machines operating instructions

1, the installation:

Install the pole removed during transport, the machine placed stable, pay attention to the processing of large space requirements.

2, the test run:

①, the power supply for the three-phase four-wire system, wiring should pay attention to, and pay attention to the direction of the spindle running for the counter-clockwise rotation.

②, connected to the power, operating pressure hand wheel, check the passive wheel slider is flexible, lubrication is good.

3, the boot before the preparation:

①, check whether the adequate cooling water.

②, the active wheel die, the passive wheel is in line with product requirements.

③, the blade is sharp.

4, steps:

①, the workpiece into the drive wheel groove, the operation of pressing the hand wheel, the passive wheel to the driving wheel direction of movement and pressing the workpiece inner ring (two passive wheel center distance between the diameter of the workpiece should be adjusted accordingly, the diameter Large distance from the center, a small distance between the center of the short diameter), so that products are suppressed inside and outside, this time the bearing and the product should be fully close together.

②, adjust the horizontal carriage, the workpiece cover and blade position corresponds to the blade down at this time to start processing, processing, adjust the pipe to be able to fully flush the location of iron filings.

③, the determination of the depth of processing, 1mm pitch is about 0.4 ~ 0.45,1.5mm when the 0.65 ~ 0.7 should be treated as the tooth tip may be, the general tooth tip width between 0.1 ~ 0.15 is appropriate.

④, so go week, the workpiece in turn, the other side of processing, complete all the operating process.