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Mechanical seals market will grow steady

2014/3/15      view:
              The current turmoil in the economy did not affect the mechanical seal on the global market , in the long run , the market is expected to achieve stable development in all key end-user industries . Continued support petrol , chemical and pharmaceutical industries , as well as emerging economies BRIC (BRIC, Brazil, Russia, India and China ) use more pumps and compressors will enable the market to maintain the sound development of the mechanical seal .
"Global mechanical seals market " shows that in 2012 , mechanical seals market value of approximately $ 2,691,500,000 in 2015 , the output value is expected to increase to $ 3,558,400,000 .
Increasing use of non- sealed magnetic drive pump mechanical seal has an impact on the development of a market threat . Oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical industries need to meet the requirements of mechanical seals API 682 standards. However , to achieve this standard requires development (R & D) invest heavily , seal manufacturer areas can not reach this point.
Annareddy proposal , said: "With the mechanical seal reliability is increasingly becoming an important order basis for the development of different construction materials , value-based design , on-site system support and value sharing has become the key to effective deliver more value to the end user . in short , manufacturers need to develop a wide variety of products, with a strong service support and further into emerging markets . "