Carbon fiber packing overview

The packing is made of various fibers woven, but for different fibers, woven out of packing has different characteristics,corresponding to the application environment of it.

Carbon fiber packing as the major carbon fiber woven.Woven by a material packing, carbon fiber packing paper,relatively speaking, only one or a few characteristics,comprehensive performance is very low. First use the carbon fiber woven, and then impregnated with PTFE or quasinanometer graphite lubricant.

High carbon fiber packing has good chemical stability, high pressure resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good thermal conductivity, wear characteristics, carbon fiber packing paper,has excellent sealing performance, suitable for high speedreciprocating pump, rotary pump, centrifugal pump, mixer,blender and boat tail sealing tube can also be used for valve,kettle as the packing seal etc.. Able to work in a mediumacidic, alkaline, water, steam, water, mineral oil, industrial waste water etc..

High elastic fiber packing has excellent overall performance,wide application range, widely used in the rotary seal.