Operating Instructions for Ring Bending Machine

Ring Bending Machine.jpg

① the installation:

Install the handwheel handle that was removed when transporting, and place the machine in a stable position, taking into account the use of the large ring.

② the test run:

The machine power for the three-phase 380V, down-switch operation, the machine is running, shake the hand wheel, check the various parts are flexible.

③ the boot before the preparation:

1, selected flat strip meet the requirements of the metal ring.

2, when the cover is wide, please put the spare mold, so that the processing of the metal ring is more smooth.

④ steps:

1, to determine the location of the two driving wheels, the cover widened when the distance increases, narrow when nearly a point, while attention to symmetry, adjust the tightening nut fixed.

2, the flat bar into the tank, moving the passive wheel, so that the flat side of the force, the flat will be out of the arc-like, flat to go from the tail to the tail and then move the passive board to adjust the size, please do not halfway Move the passive wheel, flat bar can reverse the operation of bending.

3, measure the size of the bending ring, when close to the required size (± 5mm), the material will be removed to the welding platform, cut off the head (start and tail irregular part), measure the size, under.

4, welding: the ring will be cut off the head and tail for welding, the proposed use of argon arc welding, welding should be sufficient, there should be no leakage welding, notch, etc., both welding.