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Beijing hydraulic, pneumatic and sealing Exhibition

2014/2/27      view:
2014 Beijing hydraulic, pneumatic and sealing Exhibition
Time: March 2014 26 to the 28th
Venue: China International Exhibition Center (Beijing Chaoyang District, North East on the 6th c)

[Organizer]: Asian Economic Development Promotion Center, China International Trade Promotion Association
[Co-organizer]: Beijing Federation of Hardware & Electrical Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Hardware & Electrical Chamber of Commerce of Shandong Province
[Sponsor]: Jinan letter Exhibition Co., Ltd., Beijing Harbourfront Bo Exhibition Co., Ltd.
[Media] China Hydraulic Gas Support Network, China seal nets, China Construction Machinery Business, China Hydraulics Pneumatics & Seals Industry Network, hydraulic network of excellence, HC Engineering Machinery Network, Global Air Mobility

★ Exhibits
A hydraulic machinery: hydraulic machines, hydraulic breaker, stretching machines, hydraulic machines, hydraulic test stand, pre-press, hoist, balers, bending machine, hydraulic pushing machine, lock the machine, hydraulic lifts, hydraulic shear machines, hydraulic mold, hydraulic machines, plastic machines, hydraulic power units, hydraulic tools, equipment and other non-standard hydraulic system.
2 hydraulic components: pumps, hydraulic valves, hydraulic cylinders, proportional valves, servo valves, hydraulic motors.
3 hydraulic accessories: filters, coolers, accumulators, hydraulic fittings, hydraulic oil, and the like.
4 Hydraulic system: deviation systems, pressure systems, speed control systems, synchronous systems, excitation systems.
5 hydraulic technology: anti-leakage technology, pollution control technology, energy technology, variable speed drive technology components.
6 torque: torque converter, fluid couplings, fluid viscosity gear, stepless transmission.
7 Pneumatic: pneumatic presses, pneumatic components, pneumatic and small turbo engine, compressed air technology, various hydraulic motor, vacuum equipment, air cleaning equipment, pneumatic valves, pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic Big Three, pneumatic instrumentation, Pneumatic accessories hydraulic and pneumatic fittings, anti-leak
Leakage technology.
8 seals: rubber seals, rubber seals, metal seals, flexible graphite seals, mechanical seals, packing static sealing, various hydraulic engineering seals and automotive oil seals and rubber parts, O-rings, V-5, Air compressor: screw, vane-type oil and other oil-free compressors, power system equipment and consumables and other accessories.