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Promote the development of high-end hydraulic seal technology industry

2014/3/15      view:
   Our hydraulic buffering hinge and slide did not start late, several years ago, there are many foreign investors came to China sourcing hydraulic buffering hinge and slide, however, shortly after the purchase to go back, it creates the problem of oil spills caused great economic losses. Today, hydraulic damping hinge and buffer rails great round instead of ordinary hinges and slide potential.
    Core hydraulic damping buffer technology hardware industry and products are sealing technology. Although domestic hinge, slide industry has begun to take shape, but most domestic hydraulic damping hinge and buffer rails suppliers due to sealing technology, production technology, however, and not without its own intellectual property and large-scale promotion. At the same time, foreign manufacturers and famous brand companies are still actively looking for China's high-end hydraulic seal technology and hardware products, in a wait state before large purchases.
    The so-called high-end sealing technology is in high temperature, high pressure, high speed, high strength, corrosion, wear strong, large vibration sealing technology to maintain the complex environment of long working hours, sealing technology is the cornerstone of the entire infrastructure industry.
Hydraulic hardware industry has shown great vitality, market potential, if managed and guided properly, will accomplish a large international industry. China has mastered the core of the hydraulic seal technology hardware industry, coastal cities already have a stronger chain of the industry. Over time, the furniture hardware industry do hydraulic core components and the use of the core components of many companies will have the opportunity of a large number of international brands achievement. However, the reality of China's hardware industry has so far been lacking hydraulic relevant industry standards. On the current situation, the industry must immediately revise existing negative phenomena and behavior, and downstream hydraulic hardware and furniture business to form a virtuous cycle, the establishment of industry standards as soon as possible, the formation of orderly competition, creating a large industry in the true sense.