When removing the handwheel on the transport handle, it is necessary to place the machine steadily, and the large space ring should be taken into account when using.
Test run:
This machine is a three-phase power supply 380V, operate the inverted switch, the machine runs, shake the handwheel, and check whether each part is flexible.

Preparation before booting:
Select a metal ring level that meets the requirements.
When the flat bar is wide, please put the standby mold to make the processing of the metal ring smoother.

Program setting:

  1. Determine the position of the two transmission wheels, increase the distance when the flat bar is wide, reduce it when it is close to the point, pay attention to symmetry, and tighten the adjusted nut.
  2. Put the flat strip into the groove, move the unilateral force of the level of the driven wheel, the flat strip will go into a circular arc, the flat strip tail section will move from the beginning to the adjusted passive plate, do not move the passive wheel halfway, the flat strip can be bent back to the cycle operation.
  3. Set the bending size of the ring first, when the required size is reached, the machine will automatically stop feeding and automatically cut the material.
  4. Welding: The cut ring is welded end-to-end, it is recommended to use our HEROOS-M740 automatic argon arc welding machine for welding, the welding is sufficient, there is no stain welding, gaps, etc., and then polished smoothly completed.