As this is a large machine, the main unit is horizontal and the stainless steel belt should be at the same height level.

Trial operation:
The power supply is three-phase 380V with variable frequency stepless speed regulation. Connect the air supply, operate the top wheel and roller action buttons A.B. (A controls the rollers, B controls the top wheel) and check if they are flexible.

Preparation before starting:

  1. Confirm that the metal ring, steel belt and graphite belt meet the requirements of the winding mat (including specifications, material and quality).
  2. Confirm that the mould core, meets the product requirements.

Operation steps:

  1. Place the inner ring on the die core, between the top wheels. Operate the manual valve A and the roller presses down. Then operate manual valve B. The top wheel pushes the metal inner ring. Operate the foot button to cock the metal ring. Ensure the metal ring is flat and smooth, place the guide wheel on the inner ring and tighten.
  2. Pull out the formed steel strip and weld the strip to the metal ring. The metal ring and the strip should not be seriously out of alignment. The strip should be welded three or four turns and then welded firmly.
    3、 Pull out the graphite strip and put it into the opening. The size of the opening is as required.
    4、 Cut the graphite strip and then wrap the formed steel strip to the required size. The strip is cut and then welded securely. Operation complete.