CNC Camprofile (Kammprofile) Gasket Machine

Processing Machine for the Production of Serrated Corrugated Gasket

Special equipment for the production of Corrugated Gasket and Metal-tooth Gasket, PLC numerical control system, hydraulic system, highly efficient horizontal centreless lathe, professional shim processing equipment.

Sand casting of the integral guideways and the high precision linear guideways guarantee the rigidity and accuracy of the machine. Machining of large diameter gaskets such as Kammprofile Gasket, serrated corrugated gaskets, outer ring grooves, inner ring chamfers, Concave convex surfaces, etc. The new production process saves costs and time by using common turning tools (less costly than using special milling tools) and reduces the cost of producing corrugated gaskets and metal-tooth gaskets. The production process is fully automatic.


Processing thicknessDefault 3mm(thicker Available)
Processing widthLess than 120mm
Processing scopeGreater than 370mm
Voltage380V / 220V
Shaft turning line speed0~165M/MIN

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