outer ring grooving machine for metal spiral wound gaskets

Outer Ring Grooving Machine for Metal Spiral Wound Gaskets

For milling grooving at 90 degrees around the inner circumference of ≥φ150 outer rings. The roller unit is pneumatically controlled, with a wide range of pressure adjustment and very simple operation. The feed is controlled by electronic stepless variable speed, which can adapt to the needs of different materials processing.

metal gasket ring polishing machine 3

Metal Gasket Ring Polishing Machine

For grinding and polishing the welded joints of metal rings after welding. The machine is semi-automatic, but highly efficient. During the polishing process, burrs and scratches are polished on the surface of metal rings with a diameter of 150 mm or larger.

inner ring chamfering machine for spiral wound gasket

Inner Ring Chamfering Machine for Spiral Wound Gasket

For the processing of 90 degree chamfers on the inner and outer circumference of ≥φ250 wound gaskets. The pressing device adopts pneumatic pressure, with a large adjustment range and simple operation. Feeding adopts electronic stepless to meet the processing requirements of different materials.