Automatic Ring Bending Machine

Automatic ring bending machine is a kind of mechanical equipment supporting the metal spiral winding gasket production, it is a special equipment for the production and processing of metal spiral winding gasket Inner and outer rings.

Which is used for the production and processing of 150mm-3000mm, thickness 3mm, width 6-40MM metal spiral winding gasket inner and outer ring processing.

Servo motor driven, processing parameters are done by touch screen and PLC, parameters are entered digitally and an automatic cutting system is attached for fully automatic operation, the finished product has a very high qualification rate and the processing speed is very fast.



Model HEROOS-M216
Voltage 380V / 220V
Power 2.5KW+2.2KW
Weight 850KG
Scope φ150-φ3000, width 6-40MM
Length*width*height 1650×800×1250mm

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