Preparation before running and running process:

  1. Place the machine smoothly and connect the air source. The pressure gauge should be 0.5~0.6Mpa.
    2 Turn on the power AC380V+N (black) and air source. Check the rotating direction of the blade for the chip direction.
  2. Add coolant, the liquid level should be above the lower baffle and below the upper baffle.
  3. Operate [cylinder valve 3] passive pressure wheel backward, put in the workpiece. And press firmly. Visually inspect the outer diameter of the workpiece and the position of the movable bracket, adjust the stop bolt at the workpiece bracket, adjust the way: when the passive pressure wheel presses the workpiece, the inner diameter of the ring is close to the upper rolling bearing, so that the metal ring is slightly outward than in the natural state.
  4. Operate [start button 10] the machine starts to run, operate [feed knife handwheel 6] clockwise into the knife, counterclockwise back to the knife, please adjust the amount of feed knife to chamfer qualified to, remember the scale, open the valve of the coolant, to the blade chips at the filling. At this time, you can adjust the [knife governor 9] to adjust the amount of feed as appropriate. Please make sure that the governor switch is in the [on] position.
  5. Wait for the workpiece to go through a week, complete the chip processing, counterclockwise operation [tool feed handwheel 6], operation [button 11], the machine stops, operation [cylinder valve 3], exit the passive pressure wheel, remove the work, complete the entire operation process.
  6. If the chamfering angle is not in the center, please operate [blade up and down adjustment handwheel 1] to adjust.

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