Medium CNC Spiral Wound Gasket Machine

For the production of 1/2″-12″ spiral wound gaskets (including basic type and with inner ring). The top wheel and pressure wheel are pneumatic, with a large pressure adjustment range and easy operation.

Fast winding speed (infinitely variable), flat, not loose. The tightness of the spiral wound gasket is controlled by an adjustable pneumatic pressure. The tensile force of the steel strip is ensured by the electromagnetic friction resistance that adjusts the size of the excitation voltage. Driven by a servo motor, the winding diameter is completed by a touch screen and PLC, and the parameters are entered digitally. The size is determined by the potentiometer control lever, and the winding size is arbitrarily set, and the winding automatically stops after winding to the set size. Automatic cutting of steel strip, automatic spot welding, automatic demolding function. Compared with ordinary winding machines, the size does not require manual measurement, which reduces the measurement error. Welding automation to meet the high standards of customers.

The machine has its own steel strip forming device and automatic cutting scissors to realize flat steel belt feeding, without manual cutting of steel strip.

Model HEROOS-M344
Voltage 380V / 220V
Power 1.50KW+3KW
Weight 550KG
Length*width*height 1350x900x1620mm

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