Large Spiral Wound Gasket Machine ( Horizontal )

Large spiral winding gasket machine is suitable for the production of 250mm-2500mm (or larger size), simple operation, and maintenance-free design of transmission system.
The pressure roller device adopts pneumatic, the tightness of the winding gasket is controlled by adjustable pneumatic pressure, the pressure adjustment range is large, the speed adopts frequency conversion stepless speed change, the winding speed is fast, automatic spot welding, and the adjustment is convenient. There are two modes: automatic spot welding and manual spot welding.


Model HEROOS-M351 M351B
Voltage 380V / 220V
Power 0.4KW + 3KW
Weight 400KG
Scope 250mm—2500mm or larger size
Length*width*height 1400x750x1250mm + 2000x 2000x 780mm

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